Turns out Bryce is really f**king shit at spinning on the spot, and here's the video proof

The Morning Rumble 20/11/2017

Last week when we were filming Bryce's Phil Collins drum video, (give it a watch, it's actually pretty good if we do say so ourselves) we asked Bryce to spin around so we could film one of those cheesy video transitions.

Stand on the spot, spin to the left, stop once you get back to where you started. Sound simple as easy enough, right?

Well, apparently not.

Turns out ol' Bryce Casey can add one more thing to the long list of basic shit he can't do - spinning around on the spot.

The uncoordinated bastard took TEN ATTEMPTS and he still couldn't get it right. Just watch and join us in placing our hands to our foreheads.

Some say he's still spinning to this day...