Controversy surrounds the Morning Rumble's first ever Mulligan Cup

The Morning Rumble 07/11/2017

Alright, this one needs some explaining first.

Last week, Mulls had a dream. A dream that he was a horse, and Rog was riding him as a jockey. Yes, it's as weird and messed up as it sounds.

And because this is radio, and because it was said out loud, the very logical decision was made that we would turn this dream into a reality.

Introducing to you all, the first ever.....Mulligan Cup.  It's like the Melbourne Cup, just way shitter.

Rog, Bryce and Mulls - or better known as their racehorse names, Squints, Why The Long Tooth, and Biscuit Nipples - are playing the role of horses. And unfortunately for Rog/Squints, he drew the short straw and got Jim as his jockey.

So.....who took out the race? Who claimed glory in front of a crowd of thous- in front of a crowd of six people?

Watch and see.