Rog says anyone can rap, puts on his snap back and actually spits bars

Morning Rumble 28/02/2018

Rog got inspired by some douchebag on a god awful reality TV show (Married at First Sight, Australia), decided if he can rap, anyone can... 

Rog's Rap 

Its still Rog Day, Rigger (mark richardson)
AK, Rigger
Though ive groaned a lot 
I'm never home a lot 

Cause when I frequent Orewa beach,
Where im known to preach
You hear the bass from my voice
When the big dog is off the leash

My name is Rog & i work on the rock & 
When i walk down the road people call me a cock 
They wanna know if i still got it
They say radio's changed, they wanna know how i feel about it

Squints is my name 
I'm ahead of my game
Still sifting on chicks
Still on the net doing heaps of clicks 

Still here after 26 yrs
Still earning so much it brings you tears 
Still cruisng in my vitz 
Still hooking up with your bitch 

Still the king,
Still got the bling,
Still gonna make you sing
Where you at Ling & Zing?
Still here, no fear