Watch Rog shit bricks after he f**ks up the radio

The Morning Rumble 14/02/2018

It was a comedy of errors on The Morning Rumble yesterday morning.

During the 9am hour, something happened in studio (we're looking at you, Rog) which caused The Rock to go off-air for a full 20 minutes.

(some say it was the best 20 minutes of radio we have done)

After an army of engineers (and other technical people we've never seen before) finally got us back on air, it wasn't long until old mate Farrelly managed to well and truly fuck it all up once again.

Fortunately this time, it was during a listener phone call and the studio cameras were rolling - capturing every second of it. Including his classic reaction to when a whole bunch of shit started played out of his control.

Take a look.