Mike Hosking rips apart our "dog of an asset" third-world workplace

The Morning Rumble 13/03/2018

We'd like to think he's playing up being this big of an arsehole, but he's probably not.

The Morning Rumble were talking about how shit the building we work in is - and it's honestly third-world like. There are no lights in the bathrooms, no toilet paper, and dunny brushes that have been here longer than Rog has.

And apparently, our radio competition across the road have the complete opposite. Their building is fancy as fuck, with state of the art toilets that actually work. So we called everyone's favourite arsehole, Mike Hosking from Newstalk ZB, to see what his thoughts on our third-world workplace was....and he did not disappoint.

Watch and enjoy (or get very angry at him).

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