WATCH: Rog rides in a sidekart and Fingers punters on K-Road for his DWTS campaign

Morning Rumble 11/05/2018

Like the top notch blokes they are, Bryce and Mulls want to help Rog on his Dancing With The Stars journey in anyway they can.

In their most recent effort, they organised a parade - well, a dude with a BMW motorbike/sidekart drove Rog around. And they got hundreds of Chocolate Fingers (suppplied by Griffins) rebranded as "Farrelly Fingers" with Rog's face on them.

Then the boys got Rog to hand out biscuits to random people going about their morning on K Road - in the hopes of hustling some more votes...

Outstanding effort from Casey Mulligan Management. 

Check it out above.

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