Bryce's ode (and visual montage) to the people's champ, Rog the smooth criminal with twinkle toes

The Morning Rumble 19/06/2018

Dancing With The Stars been a real roller coaster for old Roggy. Stitched up by his fellow Rumble boys and dragged into doing the cha cha on National television... We thought he'd be there a week, maybe two. 

Eight weeks later, he's become a people's champ, a balding Billy Elliott, a man who told the world proudly, "You know what, I can wear a mesh bodysuit." Twice. 

He held his head up high. God damn, he gave it his all. 

And so, now that the twinkle toes have been hung up, we thought we'd take the time to reflect on Rog's DWTS journey. We've made a montage of some of his most memorable moments - watch above. Bryce even wrote the man an ode. Feel free to sing along with the lyrics belows.

Bryce's Ode to Rockin Rog, The smooth criminal with twinkle toes

You gave it a bloody good nudge Rog. And we couldn't be more proud.