WATCH: We bubble-wrapped Rog and made him show us just how good he is at bike "jumps" and "skids"

Morning Rumble 11/10/2018

After Rog talked up a big game about being a bad ass kid with a motorbike, throwing shit around including but not limited too;  "heaps of jumps" and "two metres of air", "skids" and "landed everyone."

We thought we'd see just how much of a bad ass he really is. Listener Luke offered up his track in Drury and his bike - but when MediaWorks heard "motorbike" and their precious baritone, their money maker, the Big Dog Roger Farrelly in the same sentence, well, HR came in hot with the red tape. 

So, while the office monkeys battle through the health & safety forms, we thought we'd give Rog a warm up round. 

Bubble wrapping his whole body, to cover the H&S issue, and getting him to pull some jumps down our carpark's driveway - on a BMX.  

Watch how it went for the Big Dog above. 

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