Bunnings have had to change how they serve their snags over this ridiculous "safety" rule

The Morning Rumble 14/11/2018

PC has gone utterly and truly mad.

In news that will make you say "it's 2018" - Bunnings Warehouse have had to change the way they serve onions in their iconic Bunnings Sausages....because it is a health and safety risk.

Apparently, onions on top of the snag pose are too dangerous, and now will be served underneath it to prevent the onion from slipping out (i.e. between the bread and the sausage).

Just think about that for a minute. A place that sells axes, chainsaws and garden shears - fell onions pose the greatest threat to customers.

Who the hell slips on an onion??

To find out more about this ridiculous story, read this article on Newshub.