How a hungover Mulls injured a 5-year-old at a trampoline park

The Morning Rumble 10/12/2018

On Friday, we had our Rock xmas party and wiothout going into too much details, a lot of booze was sunk.

And old mate chuggernaut Mulls was leading the charge on that, knocking back wetties like a fish.

Unfortunately for Mulls, the very next day was his son's birthday party, and to celebrate young Cooper turning five, the Mulligan household took a whole bunch of kids to a busy trampoline park on Saturday afternoon.

Which is just about the worst thing you could ask for when you're hungover as balls.

And, as expected when you put a severely hungover, extremely uncoordinated Andrew Mulligan surrounded by a thousand kids and trampolines, things went very wrong, very quicky....

We'll leave it to Mulls to explain what happened. And spare a thought for young Stevie. He deserved better.