WATCH: Mulls shreds up VIP Metallica tickets after 'NZ's biggest fan' screws up easy question

The Morning Rumble 01/04/2019
You must be some kind of monster to shred up SOLD OUT Metallica tickets, Mulls.
This morning we kicked off 'Shredding For Metallica,' a hunt for New Zealand's biggest Metallica fan to hook 'em up with premium Golden Circle tickets and passes to the band's only meet and greet - all you have to do is answer three easy Metallica questions.
We found Cory from Christchurch who has a bunch of Metallica tats, shares a birthday with drummer Lars Ulrich and even named his child after frontman James Hetfield.
After acing the first two questions, all Korey had to do was spell 'Metallica' - but he completely cocked it up by forgetting about the second 'L' and Mulls shredded the tickets.
Only, he didn't.
Korey isn't real and those tickets weren't real. Happy April Fools folks. 
You didn't really think we'd shred tickets to a SOLD OUT Metallica gig, right?