WATCH: Farrelly The Fish hits the water to try swim 1000m and win a listener $10,000

The Morning Rumble 03/05/2019

He came, he swam, he conquered (kind of)

Rog 'The Fish' Farrelly said he could swim 1000m, but Bryce and Mulls wanted proof - and now we have it.

Rog took to the pool at the AUT Millennium National Aquatic Center to show the nation just how far a Big Dog can paddel.

For every metre he swims, Brad The Boss put up $10 for a listener to win. If someone correctly guessed how far he'd go they'd win that ammount in cash, and if he hit the 1000 metre mark a punter COULD be $10,000 richer.

Watch the video above to see how far (or not) he went.