On this day in 1989 Eagle's drummer Don Henley played for Guns N' Roses

The Morning Rumble 31/01/2020

On January 20th, 1989, Guns N' Roses performed at the 16th Annual American Music Awards. However, drummer Steven Adler's heroin addiction meant he was admitted to rehab, leaving the band without a drummer. 

Their performance at the AMAs of "Patience" was going to be a career defining one, and the band was pretty stressed about not having Adler, until they asked Don Henley. Axl Rose said to him:

I got a proposition for you. We’ve got to play the American Music Awards, and our drummer’s sick. We want you to play the drums.

With a bit of encouragment from producer Danny Kortchmar, Henley agreed. After the performance, Henley said:

Fortunately it was a ballad that we played, not a balls-to-the-wall number. I rehearsed with Axl a couple of days, although the whole band never showed up. But it was a piece of cake. There was really nothing to it.

Have a watch of the full video below.