Paddy Gower wants Jacinda to take David Clark's iPad and limo off him for being such an idiot

The Morning Rumble 30/06/2020

The man, the myth, the legend Patrick Gower dropped by The Rock studios this morning to drop f-bombs, talk about weed and also to mightily rip into Health Minister David Clark, who's been the laughing stock of parliament over the last few weeks.

David Clark is the bloke in charge of the Ministry of Health, but he was also the bloke who broke his own lockdown rules three times by going to the beach, mountain biking and moving house.

And his worst offense came last week, when he threw the beloved Ashley Bloomfield under the bus, putting the blame on him for the recent COVID-19 cases and not taking any accountability.

That shit didn't fly well with Paddy Gower, at all, and PG let him hear it.

Watch above.