Rog goes rogue and compared UFC fight sounds to Mulls "slapping his meat"

The Morning Rumble 29/06/2020

It's the first show back since their 24 hour Day On The Darts marathon, and clearly Rog is still struggling from the his chat proved this morning.

Bryce was talking about Dan Hooker's recent UFC fight against Dustin Poirier, where the Hangman was defeated by the American mixed martial artist in one of the most brutal fights we've seen in recent times.

Bryce was commenting that, with no crowd in attendance, you could hear every punch, kick and knee thud connect on the other dude...which sounds horrifying. Then Rog chipped in with what he thought it sounded like.....

It sounds like when you slap your meat, Mulls.

Up to, Rog. Somebody throw him in the bin.