WATCH: Bryce's full interview with Dave Grohl

The Morning Rumble 01/02/2021

At the end of last year, Bryce had a video call with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, where they chatted about their upcoming album, and heaps more.

Watch the full interview above, and skip to the below time stamps for each topic they covered:

0.00 - 1.38: Bryce shows Grohl photos of the two of them.
1.38 - 3:10: Congrats on winning Rock 2000, what Everlong means to Grohl.
3:10 - 7:05: It’s been 25 years of Foo Fighters. Medicine for Midnight and how it’s gonna get people moving during these COVID times.
7:05 - 10:49: Mental health chat and Mountain Biking.
10:49 - 13:22: Back to the album, Foo Fighters should come to New Zealand, and Bryce shows Grohl a photo of Tyson.
13:22 - 14:35: Grohl records a video message of Bryce to send to his mum about Bryce staying at hers.
14:35 - 17:10: Grohl's daughter Violet, and how she sings back up in the album.
17:10 - 18:52: Grohl goes to parent teacher interviews and performed with Slash at his kids school fundraiser.
18:52 - 21:46: 10th album is out soon. Bryce asks a bunch of questions about Grohl's favourite records.