Bryce reads powerful text from a listener about mental health

The Morning Rumble 21/07/2021

Our show got sent this powerful text yesterday and we/I get a few of them sometimes, and I’m never quite sure how to react or what to say.

So, it seems as good a day as any to post this for a few reasons really.

One is, you never know what someone next to you, maybe at work, or in a team, in ya family or even next to ya in the line is going though.

Secondly, you never quite know just how much the way you treat people can affect them in a good way either. No ones perfect at it, including me, but it’s always good to try & remember I guess is what I’m trying to say.

Thoughts to anyone who may not be enjoying things as much currently, that, that may change soon & anybody doing it even tougher that you are in a much better spot soon.

The world is better with you in it - Bryce

If you are struggling and/or just need to talk to someone, free call or text 1737 anytime