Bryce's message on World Suicide Prevention Day

The Morning Rumble 10/09/2021

The below words are from Bryce, speaking on behalf on The Morning Rumble.

It's World Suicide Prevention Day today.

So a trigger warning, obviously we are about to talk about this, but apologies if you feel like you've already heard me or our show have this chat.

That's because we have and we plan to keep having them because we've figured sort of as a show that if we can have one Rumble mate, then it's worth it. 

So I've written down some things here.

"Creating hope through action" - that is the theme of this year's World Suicide Prevention Day, which is today, as you've heard Rog, Mel, and Mulls say.

But as we all know, every day has to be suicide prevention day.

We as a show use this - our show, which is your show, as sort of our platform as our action to try and create hope. And I hope that we do. I know we do. But we can always do more.

I get sent stacks of messages - like even this morning, we got sent a message - from people who say, either have kids or family that are battling and don't know what more to do, or from people that are pissed off with multiple past and present government failures that often just throw out excuses instead of results.

However, then there's also the positive messages from people who have previously tried to take their life and are now thankful that they've got the help that they needed. 

I also get messages that I have no way of knowing how to answer from people who want to take their life right now.

That's the thing. It's the fact right now - there will be more than one Rumble listener who wants to end their life.

Right now, as they're listening. 

For any number of reasons, which obviously breaks my heart, and our heart, and probably people's hearts that don't know that are about to be broken.

I know this firsthand from losing family, from losing three friends. I've seen terrible grief rip into my own family, all my friends' families, the unbelievable sadness to all the friends never really goes away.

It's consuming.

It sucks.

Because when you're one of the people close to it, the thing is that you just know that it didn't have to happen and it bugs you.

Statistics are grim, but they are important. If you ever wondered how big a problem it is, versus some of the problems you may hear about way more on average.

One person in the world takes their life every 40 seconds, according to the World Health Organization. And the Global Burden of Disease Study estimated that almost 800,000 people die from suicide every year, twice the number of homicide.

This week, since Monday, it's likely that we've lost seven to eight New Zealanders that were either mates, sons, brothers or dads.

These last few weeks, and I haven't really told anyone else this, but we've had an old friend attempt to take their life. Obviously we're all thankful that it didn't work.

This lockdown, like we all know, has been making things even harder for some than they already were, let alone when you throw in things like seclusion or job security.

So as always, 1737 is a number that you can text or call. If it's you that wants to talk, or even if it's you who wants to ask about someone that you might think could do with a hand who, you know, hasn't let you know. 

Just to finish, on this day where we we're asked to take action today - if it's you battling, please know that it is not better without you here.

Like we said before, you would be missed. And stay with us.

But yeah, thoughts obviously as well to people who have have lost mates or family, because it doesn't matter what day it is. That sorta always sucks.