Rog Bryce and Mulls sing 'Monkey Wrench' on helium
The Morning Rumble

Rog Bryce and Mulls sing 'Monkey Wrench' on helium

They had way too much fun with this...
1 September 2022 1:34PM

Ahh.. The Morning Rumble. Simple humans. Doesn't take much to entertain them.

Monkey Wrench on helium
Monkey Wrench on helium
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Rog, Bryce and Mulls each had a go at singing that part in Foo Fighters' 'Monkey Wrench,' where Dave Grohl apparently sings a whole lot in one breath.

Ya know, this part: 

One last thing before I quit
I never wanted any more
Than I could fit into my head
I still remember every single word you said
And all the shit that somehow came along with it
Still, there's one thing that comforts me
Since I was always caged and now I'm free

Watch them give it a go up top. 

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