Funny names our listener’s have named their kids
The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble

Odd names our listener’s have named their kids

“I know a girl named Poizon Blade"

Earlier in the year, The Morning Rumble asked listeners what odd or unique names they’ve given their kids - and there’s definitely some unique ones in there…

Check out the list below of names parents have actually given their kids! 

“My oldest son’s mate’s name is Avanti because his father tripped on an Avanti push bike on the way into the hospital when he was born”

“I know a girl named Poizon Blade and her brother is called Lethal Threat. I couldn’t believe it.”

“We had a neighbour whose kid was called Random. Random regularly escaped and we’d often hear his mother shout ‘come back to the house Random!’”

“My wife was a school teacher and had new entrant students who were twins, one called Benson and his brother was Hedges. Parents were heavy smokers.”

“I worked in a school in the UK. Brother and sisters’ names were Saphire Hazard (So, Fire Hazard), Ariel Hazard, and Kem Michael Hazard.”

“We had a kid at school called Helmet.”

“When I worked at a day care there was a kid called Nemesis. He was a complete nightmare.”

“My three boys are named Transam, Casino and Cadillac.”

Anyone else got a unique name to add to the list? Chuck them in the Facebook comments of this article!

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