The best Morning Rumble callers of 2022
The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble

The best Morning Rumble callers of 2022

These callers had us in stitches.

From a woman who witnessed two monkeys having sex on her kayak, to a 33-second-long fart - here are a handful of the best Morning Rumble callers for 2022. 

We started off the year with a sizzle (literally), when Helen called up to tell us the smart thing her partner did while they were camping. 

Helen’s partner fell asleep in the sun with his piece hanging out. Fast forward a few hours, he absolutely fried his wee fella.

In the words of Helen, “blisters, sore, no use for anything.” Have a watch of the yarn below. 

In February, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott made history by taking home gold at the Winter Olympics. We invited her old man on the show following his infamous interview with Newshub, where he dropped a couple of F-bombs and started talking about the toilet. 

Zoi’s dad Sean was a treat to have on the show, as he lifted the lid on the toilet chat once and for all. 

In March, we had the pleasure of meeting Shutts, who made a bong out of his car. Not only did he tell the yarn flawlessly, but he’s got a hell of a giggle. 

Towards the end of March, we called up our mate Kirstie from Wainuiomata A.K.A. The Sistema Steamer, to ask her about what kinky things go on in Wainui. 

As always, she didn’t disappoint. Trust us, you’re gonna wanna watch this one. 

In April we chatted to Johnny, who accidentally chromecasted his x-rated video onto the lounge TV… where his wife, in-laws and parents were eating dinner. Uh oh. 

Then came May, and so did a stoner chat with Jayden from Te Awamutu. He’s got a tattoo of Brian Griffin holding a bong, and smokes 8 - 10 cones on the daily. If you wanna lose a couple brain cells, check out our chat with the legend below. 

In July, Megan confessed to us that she accidentally sent her mother-in-law a racey nude photo, or in her words, “quite a filthy photo,” complete with nipple clamps and a collar around her neck. 

Check out the group chat blunder below.

In August, we met Jack. Jack has never worn pants. Need we say more?

Later that month, Litton told us a childhood memory of when him and his mum found his brother’s d-pump, but pretended it was a bong. 

We also yarned to Kayden, and although the call was short, it was a cracker. Pretty much, Kayden broke up with his Mrs because she didn’t like chicken, and Kayden loves KFC. 

In September, Josh let us know about the time he peaked. Which was back in intermediate school, when he managed to clean up at the special sports day because he was def in one ear. Safe to say he got some dirty looks at prize giving. 

Mark called us up in October, and recalled the time his mate got curious what would happen if he put a biscuit on his D right next to a goat. Circumcision happens, apparently. 

Georgia scored herself a trip to Woodstock Rock Island because of he yarn about two monkeys having sex on her kayak. 

And then we have December, which brought us possibly one of our favourite calls ever. Steve has the special talent of being able to fart for 33 seconds, and it’s pretty impressive. Go on, have a watch. 

There were too many great callers to put into one article, but we hope you’ve enjoyed these cracker yarns from some epic Morning Rumble listeners.