Kim's dog and cat went for a bike ride and now need surgery
One of the most out the gate calls we've ever had.
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The Morning Rumble

Caller asks Mulls for $300 because her dog and cat went for a 'bike ride' and now needs surgery

One of the most out the gate phone calls we've ever had.

There aren't many times where the entire studio is left speechless, but this is one of those times.

We received an absolutely belter of a phone call on Friday, from Kim who was trying her luck to win some money off The Morning Rumble. Mulls took the call and asked her how much she needed and what she needed it for, and my god we were not ready for this yarn.

It's best to watch it in real time in the video above, but we'll also let Kim explain it in her own words below.

 Mulls: How much would you like and what do you need it for?

$300 would really help me out. Earlier this week, I caught the cat and the dog going for a bike ride.

Note: "bike ride" is the code words The Morning Rumble use when referring to having sex. Yeah, re-read that above sentence and let that sink in.

Kim continues.

And so the cat's sausage has ended up lacerating the dog's schnitzel. So now we've got to take them for surgery and some neutering.

Wowee. Hectic.

After a short mid-break meeting, Mulls gave her the remaining $200 we had left to put toward her vet bills, and Bryce just had to ask - what sort of cat and dog are we talking about here?

The Ginger Tom is called "Captain Big Nuts", and we have a little foxy called Layla.

Cue the Eric Clapton 'Layla' jokes here. Incredible call, incredible yarn. GOAT phone call that probably won't ever be topped. 

More to come.