Israel Adesanya full chat
Israel Adesanya full chat
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The Morning Rumble

‘He knows I know how to beat him’: Israel Adesanya on his loss against Alex Pereira

Have a watch of the full 20-minute chat here.

We were stoked to have the Last Style Bender Israel Adesanya join us in studio for a chat with The Morning Rumble this week.

We covered a heap of topics - Izzy's 'pinch myself' moments like hanging out with Dave Chapelle and Jason Momoa, tattooing someone in Aussie, what song would play after making love, his defeat, his training, the type of women he goes for - the works.

Asking Izzy about his defeat, Bryce said, "One thing I've always respected about you, even more so after the loss against Alex, was how you held yourself afterwards... You've often said before even with other losses, that it's been a benefit. What's the benefits been of the last loss that you've found?"

Izzy responded, "That's a good question, I haven't been asked that. That's why I like coming here. You guys, you don't probe too much or get clickbait stuff, but you ask proper questions that make me think...

"...I have nothing to lose," Izzy continued.

"The worst has already happened so it's like, what's he gonna do again? The worst has happened. 

"I'll tell you one thing, I know how to beat this guy... He knows I know how to beat him."

Bryce went on to say that Pereira seems more ‘obsessed’ with Izzy than Izzy is with him, like when he was watching Izzy’s reactionary videos on social media. 

“That was weird bro,” Izzy said.

"You know what’s weird though? For me I’m like, I don’t really care but, there’s one reaction he gave... I won’t tell the UFC people this, but one reaction he gave, they panned to some stuffed animals and he goes ‘agh.’

“And for me I’m like, who the f*ck do you think you are? Like, I don’t look at him and go ‘why are you wearing that f*cking face paint and crawling on the ground like a tiger?’

“I don’t care. That’s what you wanna do, that’s what you wanna do. If that gives you power, that gives you power.

“But the fact that he looks at me and the way I live my life… and it upsets him? That’s very telling. That speaks more about him than it does about me. 

“That was him showing his hand already, and I like that… This is some ‘The Last Dance’ shit. I like holding on to things like that and I’m just like ‘right, I’ll note that.’

“But, he’ll find out later on.”

Too right, Izzy. 

It's always bloody great to have Izzy in studio - have a watch of the full 20 mintue chat up top.