'Saved my life': Brad the Boss shares an important health reminder
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'Saved my life': Brad the Boss shares an important health reminder

"Moral of the story is don't wait."

Brad the Boss called The Morning Rumble recently, to share a bit about what's been going on with him and to remind others of the importance of going to the doctor if something isn't quite right.

At the end of last year Brad found a very small lump on the side of his neck, so he went and got it checked out. The initial doctor thought it was just something viral, and told Brad that if it didn't get any better in the next three months, to come back.

Brad waited about a month, but with one of his family member's already going through a cancer scare and something niggling in the back of his head, he decided to go get the lump checked out again, before the three-month-mark.

It was a good thing Brad trusted his gut and got a second opinion, because the lump did turn out to be cancerous.

Brad's now had a couple of surgeries to stomp out the tumours and is starting radio-therapy to knock the bugger on its head.

"Moral of the story is don't wait," Brad said.

"Definitely get a second opinion because the doctors aren't always necessarily right to begin with, and if you feel like you should be checking it out with someone else, then definitely go do it.

"That's pretty much saved my life."

Have a watch of Brad's chat with The Rumble below. It's a bloody good reminder that if something doesn't feel quite right, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

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