The Morning Rumble

Bryce’s full chat with Josh Homme & Mike Shuman from Queens of the Stone Age

Our very own Bryce Casey caught up with Josh Homme and Mike Shuman from Queens of the Stone Age.
1 March 2024 6:56AM

Our very own Bryce Casey caught up with Josh Homme and Mike Shuman from Queens of the Stone Age, and jeez they’re a couple of great blokes. 

Bryce began the interview by gifting Homme a ‘Rush Hour 3’ shirt, following The Morning Rumble’s chat earlier in the month where Homme said it was his favourite shirt that he’d lost. Of course Mike got one too, and Bryce made one for himself.

Bryce recalled Homme saying he always used to wear the shirt in interviews, so if he wanted out of the interview, he’d bring up Rush Hour 3 and then his team knew to wrap the chat up. 

“It’s hard not to enjoy a gift this good,” Homme said, which we’re pretty sure was sarcasm but we’re glad he appreciated it nonetheless.

Later in the chat, Bryce asked the boys what they’ve done or are planning on doing while in New Zealand. Like many artists who visit, Piha was on their list, as well as Waiheke Island.

Speaking about Waiheke Island, which clearly sounds similar to ‘Why Hickey Island,’ Homme said he’s “a sucker for hickeys” and reckons it should be called “Why-Not-Hickey” - great chat.

Towards the end of the interview, Bryce held up a series of photos of different infamous New Zealanders, and asked Josh and Mike to say whether each person looked like a villain or not. David Baine, Roger Farrelly, Winston Peters, Brian Tamaki and Thingee were all in the mix, and the boys were pretty spot on with their thoughts.

The boys also spoke about how much they’ve been loving switching up the setlist at their gigs, how close the band are onstage and offstage, Dave Grohl, the band that heavily impacted Josh, and so much more. 

Have a watch of the full interview up top.