Rog drives a kenny
Rog drives a kenny
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The Morning Rumble

The Big Dog Rog drives a Kenworth truck worth half a million dollars

He went extremely slowly through a carpark... but a win is a win.

Well well well, we never thought we'd see the day where Rog drives a Kenworth, but here we are.

Our mate Richard Smart at Southpac Trucks Ltd bravely offered Rog a go at driving a couple of trucks through the carpark, and Rog was bloody excited to show us what he could do. 

Richard gave Rog a go on a Daf first, before handing over the keys to the Kenny. 

And much to our surprise, Rog didn't do half bad.

I mean, he was going 5km per hour... in a carpark... but a win is a win.

Have a watch of Rog driving a big ol' Kenny up top. 

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