We made the 'Ultimate Munchies Burger' for 4/20

Vids 20/04/2017

Today is April 20 (aka 4/20) which is the international day of smoking weed.

And what goes hand in hand with the ol' ganja? The epic feast that follows a few puffs.

We sent Jim out to get some classic "stoner" foods, then mash 'em all up in one big ass burger.

The result?
2x Zinger Burgers
2x KFC potato & gravy pots
2x Big Macs with extra pickles and bacon
1x box of Popcorn Chicken
1x large bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos
1x XXL Big Ben Mince & Double Cheese pie
10x Chicken McNuggets
1x packet of brownies
1x large fries from Maccas
1x box of onion rings
2x sachets of tomato sauce
2x packets of McDonald's Sweet & Sour sauce
2x KFC Garlic Mayo pots
1x slice of Sal's cheese pizza
3x Sal's Garlic Knots
A fuckload of Best Foods mayo

...and one huge mofo of a burger bun.