'Chums' take on Auckland's shit weather and surf a river

Vids 14/03/2017

A group of thrillseekers have recorded themselves surfing and biscuiting off a Riverhead bridge in Auckland.

Members of the 15 strong group that hit the Rangitopuni Stream are a part of a page called 'Chums,' which is a clothing brand hailing from every nook and cranny of the rugged West Coast.

On Saturday the 'Chums' went armed with a GoPro, surf boards and biscuits down to the stormy river to have a bit of fun.

"It started off raining, torrential, and all of us boys had done this before but it hadn't been this gnarly, the water hadn't been this big," one of the participants, Tyran McRae, told Newshub.

"We thought let's get out there and do it and film it... We thought we might capture it and show everyone how fricking awesome it is, but also how dangerous it is."

After taking on the raging river once, Mr McRae would be hard-pressed to stay away in the next storm.

"I'm addicted. We are addicted," he said.