Guy tries to help elderly pedestrian, ends up hitting her

Vids 20/04/2017

An Estonian man is ruing his decision to get out of his car to help an elderly woman cross the street after he forgot to put the handbrake on and his vehicle knocked her over.

The incident was caught on a nearby car's dash cam. The video shows the woman traversing a pedestrian crossing agonisingly slowly before the driver of the nearest car gets out to help her.

But he failed to put his 4WD in park or put the handbrake on - so the car begins to roll forward.

The driver soon realises his mistake - but rather than hopping back into his car and preventing the car from rolling any further, he instead tries to bring it to a halt by placing his foot on its bumper.

However, with an arm already round the elderly woman, the car proves heavier than he thought and it knocks the pair off-balance.

In a moment that seems to last forever, the elderly woman can be seen falling onto her back, with her head jarring as she lands on the hard ground below.

The person who filmed the incident on their dash cam then called an ambulance, according to reports, and the woman was taken to hospital.

It is not known when the incident occurred, nor whether the woman in question sustained any injuries as a result of her fall.