Kiwi pub runs out of beer becomes most pointless building

NZ 12/04/2017

An administrative bungle has left a Canterbury pub high and dry.

The Cust Hotel in the small town of Cust near Rangiora is having to go without any alcohol after the blunder left the pub without a licence to serve alcohol.

The pub went to re-new their licence last week but realised their licence had actually expired in March.

Owner Thomas Dick says despite "landing themselves in the poo" the local Waimakariri District Council have been "most helpful" and are trying to issue a special licence allowing the taps to flow again.

A post to Facebook let the locals know of the "bad news" but reassured the community 'Cookie's famous pies' and Super Rugby TV games would still be available for punters.

Mr Dick says they took a light-hearted approach to problem because there's nothing to worry about.

"You die if you worry, you die if you don't," he says.

"We've got good coffee, we've got homemade pies, yeah, we'll survive."

The local Cust Cruisers Pool Team have also been affected by the glitch and may have to play more away games until the pub gets a licence.

"They've got an away game tonight, if we don't get the licence they'll have to play all their games away until May," Mr Dick says jokingly.

Mr Dick and the Cust locals will find out on Thursday if they will be able to keep the locals happy with some cold ones ahead of the busy Easter weekend.