What Brian Shaw eats every day to stay the world’s strongest bloke

Vids 19/05/2017

Brian Shaw is the reigning World’s Strongest Man and he has won the title four times (2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016).

The amount of food he need to bulk up to that size, is probably what we eat on a hangover.

His diet is broken down into 7 meals, and while you might watch the entire video above, 20 minutes is a long time to commit, so here is a brief overview of what the diet looks like:

Meal 1:
Protein 68g, Cabs 74g, Fat 68g, and 1,180 total calories
Meal 2: Protein 115g, Carbs 92g, Fat 25g, and 1,053 total calories
Meal 3: Protein 172g, Carbs 191g, Fat 82g, and 2,190 total calories
Meal 4: Protein 112g, Carbs 89g, Fat 22g, and 1,002 total calories
Meal 5: Protein 117g, Carbs 145g, Fat 41g, and 1,417 total calories
Meal 6: 3,400 total calories
Meal 7: Protein 105g, Carbs 107g, Fat 89g, and 1,649 total calories

That is a shit ton of food. Poor bugger that has to be Brian Shaw’s plumber.