Aussie TV network getting grief for showing deaf Ninja Warrior contestant who didn't realise he had been disqualified

Vids 17/07/2017

Australia's Channel Nine has been criticised after showing a deaf contestant continuing through an obstacle course after failing to hear he'd been disqualified.

Paul Cashion, who was competing on Sunday night's episode of Ninja Warrior, was eliminated from the show after his foot fell into water while attempting to conquer the course's first obstacle.

However his disqualification was signalled with a siren - which obviously did not work as intended as Cashion was unable to hear it.

The Queenslander continued his run, not realising he had been disqualified, until his son Josh caught his eye and told him through sign language that his run on the course was over.

Footage of the moment was overlaid with audio from the commentators, who noted that he was unaware of his disqualification. A close-up of Cashion showed him looking confused before admitting defeat.

The moment immediately drew the ire of viewers, who complained that the network was capitalising on Cashion's disability to generate interest in the show.

Others noted that it seemed as though the network had made no attempt to spare Cashion of embarassment after showing him continuing his run.

Channel Nine has yet to respond to criticism from the show's fans.