This 12-year-old kid is a bloody good tattoo artist

Vids 03/08/2017

We'd talk about what we were like at 12-years-old, but let's be honest: we still haven't really changed or matured since that age. 

On the other hand this Panama preteen, Ezrah Dormon, is already an aspiring tattoo artist. While watching his mum get a tattoo of a flower, he started playing around with a tattoo gun, he said he wanted to giz a go himself. 

His mum's tattoo artist, Ali Garcia, let him take the reigns and fill in some areas, and the rest is history. 

Ali is now mentoring Ezrah and training to be an artist, with his ink name being 'The Shark'. He's inked his mum, his dad, and his maths teacher (alrighty then...), but mostly tries his skill out on grapefruits.

The kid's now made his mark on 20 people and doesn't plan on stopping there:

"What I want to do is travel around the world with my tattoo gun, or when I go to college I'll have that in my suitcase [so] that I can just pull out and give a tattoo to earn money."

Source: The Daily Mail