Conor McGregor is so jacked up he almost got into a fight with a fan

Vids 24/08/2017

With the biggest fight (and paycheck) of his life only days away, and given how batshit he can be at times, we're not totally surprised. At all.

On the way to entering his own Mayweather-McGregor "Grand Arrivals" event, he almost got into a bit of biff with a loudmouth fan who had a few choice words for the UFC star.

It was a classic "hold me back bro" school yard fight sort of thing, you know - where everyone talks tough but nothing ends up happens. I mean, you think he really was gonna get into a scrap with an ordinary fan and risk losing everything?

Actually the more we think about it.....yeah, we think he would. We've seen how butthurt he gets over little things like this.