This chick's facial ink makes the 'DEVAST8' tattoo look tame

Vids 14/08/2017

Kiwi bloke Mark Cropp recently made headlines around the world for getting the word (if you could call it a word) 'DEVAST8' inked loud-and-proud across the bottom of his mug, then complained about not being able to find a job. Not his best move: 

But a New York tattoo artist has just shared some of his recent work on a client, and, well... getting a job with a tattoo like Mark Cropp's looks like a piece of piss in comparison.

Paul Booth is one hell of an ink machine (he's even recently collabed with Kiwi tattooist Steve Butcher), and while his latest tattoo is pretty controversial, we have to admit, it's also bloody well done. 

A woman named only as Kris got a full head piece done by Paul, which starts behind her left ear, and finishes up on the right side of her face - right in the middle of her nose. The design was inspired by a poster for the sci-fi movie 'Event Horizon':

And before anyone makes any calls about Kris' ink ruining her life, Paul posted a pretty sweet message to shut down the haters:

Yes she has a successful career and yes she knew exactly what she was getting into... and yes, I got to know her from our previous sessions before I even went near her face. You are looking at an empowered woman who did it in her own unique way... she is not a misguided fool. I'm honored to have played a role in that. Cheers Kris! Go knock em dead.