This video shows how similar Game of Thrones is to Shrek

Vids 18/08/2017

Imagine if kids' movies Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon featured frequent incest, explicit torture and terrifying zombies - you might just be imagining Game of Thrones.

Fans online are pointing out strong visual similarities between the animated films and the hit fantasy TV show that, once you see, are hard to shrug off.

Spoilers for Game of Thrones S07E05 follow.

In the latest Game of Thrones episode, entitled 'Eastwatch', Jon Snow comes face-to-face with Drogon the mighty dragon as Daenerys rides him back to Dragonstone.

The King of the North's body language and facial expressions look hilariously similar to Donkey in Shrek, in scenes he shares with his love interest Dragon.

The non-dragon characters both start out fearful of being burned or eaten alive, before non-verbally bonding with the beasts, eventually becoming mates.

Jon's scene also draws parallels with How to Train Your Dragon, when Hiccup meets Toothless and is momentarily scared for his life before they become partners.

The Drogon scene isn't even the first time Shrek fans have pointed out similarities with Game of Thrones - Jaime Lannister looks strikingly like Prince Charming, too.