Shit for brains drives the wrong way down the motorway to flee the cops

Vids 22/09/2017

This guy is obviously in a hurry to get somewhere. Crazy dickhead drives his people mover the wrong way down the motorway. 

The car was apparently involved in a robbery from Thursday night. 

The car entered the motorway in an apparent attempt to escape the law.

Witness Daniel North says he was travelling north, when he noticed the Eagle Helicopter hovering over the Takanini onramp.

He then saw a police car driving the wrong way down the southbound service lane.

"It wasn't until we were going past the Hill Rd exit, we saw the vehicle being driven erratically in the wrong direction up against the median barrier, dodging oncoming traffic in lane one," he says.

Mr North calls it a "miracle" that the driver didn't collide with anyone.

"Other drivers had to take evasive action to avoid the totally reckless idiot behind the wheel."

Five people are now in police custody.

Footage is filmed by cars on the side that the driver probably should be on, but he wanted to try something new. 

Have a watch.