WATCH: The Foos invited an Aussie fan on stage to shred on the guitar with them and he absolutely killed it

Foo Fighters 30/01/2018

A Foo Fighters fan had a night he won't forget at a concert in Brisbane after being plucked from the crowd to play with the band.

Joey McClennan, 22, brought a cardboard sign to the gig on Thursday night, begging the band to bring him on stage and let him play guitar, 7 News reports.

He wasn't sure the gambit would work, but lead singer Dave Grohl spotted it in the crowd and took up his offer.

"Come on now kid, get up here right now," Grohl told McClennan.

In a scene right out of a movie, McClennan walked on stage in front of 40,000 screaming fans and absolutely killed it.

He took centre stage, bowled down the run way and amazed both the huge crowd and Grohl, in the process.

"Joey, I like your style... black T-shirt and black pants," Grohl said, commenting on their matching outfits.

McClennan spent Friday, Australia Day, basking in the glow of his hero, telling 7 News the memory will last forever.

"It was the greatest thing ever... phenomenal," he said.

"Dave's my idol and just to be in the same breathing space as him… going to be with me a lifetime."