Kiwi bloke charters helicopter to try and find his missing doggo

dogs 05/03/2018

A Canterbury man is going to the ends of the Earth to find his missing best friend - his chocolate labrador, Roger. 

Russell Waters, from West Melton, says he has handed out over 400 flyers, had a helicopter out searching and driven around at all hours of the night looking for his best mate.

Roger has been missing since last Wednesday morning - and while he has gone missing a few times before, he always returned home.

"He came and woke me up, I opened the door, and I haven't seen him since," Mr Waters explained.

"He's my best friend, he's my best mate, he's my life, I'm getting carried away... I've got a child and partner and all that but I can't even mow the lawns without him being there - he follows me everywhere.

"I can rely on him; I come home and he's usually going to be there - he's pleased to see me, he's a good dog."

At one point Mr Waters even considered offering his boat as a reward.   

"All I've been doing is thinking about him and if someone has stolen him then they could steal the boat, Roger means more to me than the boat."

People have been very supportive offering to help search for Roger, Mr Waters says.

"We put out 400 flyers from Yaldhurst Pub up to Kirwee Pub, everywhere really as far as we can... on Sunday we chartered a helicopter, and were driving around until 11pm on Saturday night for any sign."

Even a complete stranger rang him telling him he was putting a helicopter in the air to look for Roger.

"Complete strangers are out walking around the area looking for my little brown dog.