WATCH: Mass riots in England following their World Cup defeat

world cup 12/07/2018

Thane & Dunc chatted to a geezer in a Birmingham pub today, prior to England's defeat against Croatia - the Birmingham man promised there would be riots if the cup didn't come home. And he was not wrong. 

English emergency services are on full over drive right now. 

Shit sounds bloody loose in England right now. 

Our mates over at Newshub report more on this story: 

Mass brawls are being reported in England following the country's defeat to Croatia at the Football World Cup on Thursday morning.

In the hour following the final whistle, West Midlands Ambulance Service reported the number of 999 calls skyrocketed to 240, a 100 percent increase on the previous hour.

Photo credit: Reach PLC

Assistant Chief Nathan Hudson called the aftermath "just madness" in a tweet and called on fans to keep safe and not make an already disappointing night worse by becoming involved in fights.

One fight broke out on the street outside of the Cat and Fiddle pub in Great Barr according to Birmingham Live, with dozens of fans swinging at each other.

London's Metropolitan Police service was also forced to call for calm after The Sun reported fans jumping on cars, saying that any acts of vandalism such as damage to vehicles would be investigated.

The National Centre for Domestic Violence had already warned that a loss could lead to domestic violence, drawing on a study that found when England lost World Cup games previously, reports of domestic abuse increased by 38%.