Legendary Italian playboy, famous for boning 6,000 women, dies while going at it in a car

sex 08/10/2018

Maurizio Zanfanti, an icon of Italy, and a famous nightclub promoter was legendary for his sexual prowess - having boned more than 6,000 women in his time. What a guy. Last week he died , age 62, seconds after finishing up from his final shag with a 23-year-old tourist.

The tourist called paramedics, but ol' mate had suffered a fatal heart attack, and there was bugger all they could do. 

What a way to go, aye?

“Zanza died after doing what he did best — loving women,” Il Resto Del Carlino, a Bologna newspaper, reported.

Zanza's reputation was so wild there's a wax statue of him somewhere in Sweden, that a swarm of his lovers/fans erected. 

Apparently, Zanfanti's illustrutrious career started in the early 70's, working for a club called "Blow Up" where essentially he just had to talk to beautiful female tourists on the street, and convince them to go inside the club. 

That's a job? What the hell are we doing in radio...

Shame, we aren't a chiseled, tanned Italian with long, lucious, blonde locks. 

Hey, dreams are free. 

Just imagine being world famous for being an excellent root. 
The Sun reports that the mayor of Rimini said Italy had lost “a legend of the night”.

Wow. Just wow. 

RIP tiger.