Otago truckies in the shit after getting caught on camera joking about running over a cyclist

Viral videos 11/10/2018

Two truck drivers from the Deep South are in hot water after filming themselves having a laugh at the expense of a cyclist, and posting it to social media. 

While we haven't always had the best relationships with cyclists ourselves, joking about killing them is morbid. And nobody deserves to get blasted with abuse, just for riding a bloody bike. 

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Video posted to Facebook shows two construction workers joking about mowing down a cyclist and abusing the rider as they pass.

A Clearwater Civil Ltd employee put the video of the abuse on Facebook before it was pulled down.

It showed the truck following a lone cyclist, who is wearing high-vis and keeping to the side of Portobello Rd on the Otago Peninsula.

The employee sitting in the passenger seat of the truck urged the driver to run over the cyclist and hurled a torrent of expletive laden abuse at them.

Another cyclist downloaded the video from Facebook before it was deleted and supplied it to the Otago Daily Times, who contacted Clearwater Civil Ltd about the incident.

"The video is extremely embarrassing," a spokesperson told the Otago Daily Times.

"The allegation is viewed very seriously and there is an employment investigation under way."