Watch the official trailer for Motley Crue movie 'The Dirt'

video 20/02/2019

Motley Crue has just released a trailer for their upcoming film adaptation of 'The Dirt'.

'The Dirt' will premiere this 22nd March on Netflix. On the eve of the premiere, Nikki Sixx will also showcase a new track from the film soundtrack during a Jonesy's Jukebox appearance.

Based on the collective autobiography of the same name, 'The Dirt' follows several milestones of Motley Crue from the very beginning till the 'Shout at the Devil' tour (based on the outfits), including the car crash that convicted Vince Neil for vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving, Nikki Sixx's heroin overdose, Tommy Lee's marriage to Heather Locklear and more.

In the trailer, the four members were introduced as "a runaway" (Nikki Sixx), "a cute drummer"(Tommy Lee), "an old man"(Mick Mars), and "a cover band singer"(Vince Neil).

Yesterday, Nikki Sixx teased fans on Twitter with a twenty-second video of the film.

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly who portrays as Tommy Lee in the film had said that he read 'The Dirt' when he was only 13 years old and had just realised the levels of debauchery during the filming of this biopic.

"It wasn’t until we were on set and doing these scenes that we were like, 'Whoa, this is dark. What are people going to think about this?'” he tells Billboard. "But there’s something about the truth in that book -- the fact that you do fall in love with these people [who] then do this giant nose dive into this dark place."

There were four new songs recorded late last year by Motley Crue and were produced by Bob Rock. Sixx says, "Everybody is playing like mad and the songs crush. ... Plus we have a surprise that will confirm that we’re outta our minds. You can trust us these are ball-busters. Everybody can relax. We’re soon gonna smack you upside the head with some killer new tracks. ... We know what we’re doing.”