Absolute Kiwi hero starts DIY dump truck ferry service after bridge collapse

video 08/04/2019

Not all heros wear capes, some drive dump trucks

The Waiho Bridge collapse in last week's storm severed Franz Josef's access to Otago. But absolute local champion Tim Gibbs has has stepped up for his town, offering rides from one side of the river to the other on a massive dump truck.

He ferries back and forth all day, transporting people from the south side of Franz to the North. Gibbs heard about one family who thought they might have to skip their overseas holiday because of the collapse and was inspired to do something for the local community. Because as we know, he's a legend.

His wife Vanessa told Newshub about the day Tim got home with his great idea.

He came home and said 'I've got an idea', and I said 'what?' and he said 'I'm going to set up a ferry crossing across the Waiho River' so that's how it all started.

"I just wanted to help people out I know what it's like to be stuck and how frustrating it is to ruin your holiday," explained Tim.

Tim's ferry service will be in business for as long as it takes to fix the bridge which is expected to be at least another week.

You're an absolute legend, Tim.