The Bastard Smoko Shout

If you’re having a right bastard of a week, or just feel like you could do with a feed this Friday, Burgerfuel has you covered - with The Bastard Smoko Shout.

Text “FUEL” to 3520 with your name and workplace details, and you’ll jump in the draw to score up to 20 Bastard Burgers delivered hot to your place of work by The Rock Roadies along with some Red Bull to sweeten the deal.

This is the real deal burger of the completely audacious variety and if you feel a little nervous; you’re not alone. The Bastard contains 100% pure grass fed NZ beef, ‘smashed juicy’ fresh to order, with juicy-juicy mango slivers, tasty bacon, raw grated beetroot with chia seeds, natural, melted cheddar, fresh free range BurgerFuel Aioli, smashed avocado, batch-made sweet tomato relish and handmade salad.

Jump in the draw with The Bastard Smoko Shout - every Friday cheers to BurgerFuel’s Bastard Burger.

Grab one for yourself HERE