Jay and Dunc's Ford V Holden Roadie


Jay and Dunc are gearing up for the Mangatainoka Motors Ford Vs Holden day by settling one of the biggest debates known to man, which is better? a Ford or a Holden?

Jay and Dunc have been given $1500 each cheers to Novus and are tasked with purchasing a car to drive down to the Tui Brewery - and the best part is, you could be joining them for the ride!

Text FORD for Jay's team or HOLDEN for Dunc's side to 3520 now and you and a mate could be riding shotgun with the lads down to Mangatainoka and then on top of that you get to keep one of the cars!

The Mangatainoka Motors Ford Vs Holden day is happening August 25th at the Tui Brewery - register to have your car there HERE