Win a free long weekend

The Rock Long Weekends with Hnry


Everybody loves a long weekend...

Which is why we want to celebrate kiwi’s and those self employed workers that are doing the mahi by sorting them with another day off so they can really enjoy the weekend!

Just listen out for your chance to win every Friday during Rock Drive with Jay & Dunc - and we’ll happily cover a day's wages so you can put your feet up on Monday AND still get paid!

All cheers to Hnry, never think about tax again!

Hnry is a full digital accounting service designed for sole traders - a group which includes self-employed tradies, freelancers, independent contractors etc. Hnry automatically calculates and pays your taxes as you earn, so you're always up to date on your tax payments.

As part of the service, you also get a team of accountants to review your expenses and file your returns whenever they're due.

Terms and Conditions Apply.