The Rock 90s with KFC

Listen to The Rock between 12-1pm daily to hear your favorite Rock artists from the 90s, and be in to win $50 KFC Chicken!

Their back again for a full hour of the most iconic tracks from the 90s.

Brought to you by KFC, It’s The Rock 90s.

If you want to win some KFC then make sure to play The Rock loud and listen out for clues. If you can guess the final song of the hour, you could score fifty KFC chicken dollars.

Cheers to KFC, The Double Down is back.

Dig into KFC’s legendary Original Double Down or try out their brand-new Korean BBQ Double Down - two spicy Zinger Fillets, crispy Bacon, Cheese and Korean BBQ Sauce.

How good. You don’t want to miss out on this one!