Smash Your Tax

Guess the tool The Morning Rumble is using to Smash Your Tax for a chance to win a tool from The Rock prizes cupboard! All thanks to IRD.

The Morning Rumble have a set of tools that they're going to use to Smash Your Tax Worries every morning this week! (aka they're going to smash a calculator)

Call 0800 ROCK PHONE when you hear the cue to call to guess the tool they're using to smash a calculator, for a chance to win that tool!

Take the stress out of tax with Inland's Revenue's Tax Toolbox

Smash your tax worries this year with the help of Inland Revenue’s Tax Toolbox. A website that has a bunch of helpful resources in one place. They know most tradies try to do the right thing. Find out how to get on top of your income tax and GST, what expenses you can claim and more. You can watch helpful online seminars or book a business advisory visit. Head to and search Tax Toolbox