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Chick who plays Po in Teletubbies is now an 'adult actress'

Childhood ruined or adulthood made?
30 March 2017 12:34PM

Childhood ruined or adulthood made?

The person in the Teletubbies Po suit certainly went on to a ‘brighter’ future. And by ‘bright’ future we mean lesbian porn…

The Teletubbie was a staple show in most of our children years, teaching us of happiness, fun, and laughter. Turns out the beloved character weren’t as innocent off set.

It's not like we went on the hunt for that trailer, but there you go...

2001 must have been one of Pui Fan Le most interesting acting gigs. She starred in the drama 'Metrosexuality' where she was shot performing a lesbian sex act.

Guess she didn’t take any tips from Noo Noo then.